Sport Weightlifting Waist Support Belt


  • When you are doing weight lifting, especially when you are lifting something that is even heavier than your weight, you may hurt your waist, which is so painful. At this time, you could wrap your waist with this waist support to avoid such problem.
  • Wrapping your waist with this waist support, all you could get is the sense of comfort due to the sweat absorption cloth, sponge, EVA and nylon elastic cloth.
  • To better meet your personal sports need, you could adjust the compression strap to get the suitable tightness .
  • The waist support design could support your back and provide the flexibility in different kinds of sports at the same time. Thus, it could not only fit for the weight lifting, but also suit for bodybuilding and squat etc. .
  • The nylon buckled strap could adjust the tightness to get the sense of comfort and support you need during the leg and core body exercise .
  • Suitable for people who like fitness, body building and weight lifting etc.


  • Material: Sweat Absorption Cool Feeling Cloth,Sponge,EVA,Nylon Elastic Cloth
  • Quantity: 1 pcs
  • Color: Black,Red,Yellow

Size Chart

Size Length (cm)